POWERLINK Slave Development

Organizer: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH


This seminar explains how to implement and connect a POWERLINK slave node using the POWERLINK Slave Development Kit.

  • You will get to know the content of the "POWERLINK Slave Development Kit".
  • You will learn how to commission a POWERLINK slave reference implementation.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of PCB design and how to use the development board.
  • You will become familiar with the application interfaces and settings.
  • You will learn the structure of a device description file (XDD).
  • You will learn how PDO mapping works.
  • You will become familiar with various features of POWERLINK slaves.
  • You will learn what options are available for testing the POWERLINK connection and how to use the Eclipse development environment for debugging.

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Additional information

Prerequisites and requirements:

"POWERLINK Slave Development and Testing Kit" ordered and received

"Getting Started" documentation contained in "POWERLINK Slave Development and Testing Kit" (MAN_OAT113110_1x_Vxxx - Getting Started.pdf) worked through at least once using the included development board

Previous knowledge in the area of embedded software development

Knowledge of the FPGA toolchain, ideally with a focus on IP cores and embedded software development

Recommended tutorials for the Altera toolchain:

www.altera.com / Training / Courses / Embedded SW Designer / Developing Software for the Nios II

Tools Overview(OEMB1120)

Developing Software for the Nios II Processor (OEMB1128)

Recommended tutorials for the Xilinx toolchain:

www.xilinx.com / Support / Training / Online Training / Embedded Design / Embedded FPGA Design

Embedded Design with the Xilinx Embedded Developer Kit